Now come a little closer, Mama, and let's REALLY talk...

Balance sets us up to fail. It tells us we must do 2 things perfectly, completely AND with pleasure/ease. Balance tells us we can have "it all." And since "we can", then we MUST! Right? Wrong!

But who really wants "it all" when it causes us to feel like are falling short/like we aren't doing it right/like WE'VE made the wrong choices? Besides, "it all" is different to each of us.

That's where INTEGRATION is the answer.

Make your day easier and your life happier. Start living intentionally being fulfilled, not overwhelmed.

Ladies: you are doing it right by mixing it all together. #GiveMeAllTheIntegration

When you integrate, you are intentional about your choices and you are fulfilled by the work and life you have chosen to experience.