After the early part of her sales career in corporate America, she paved her own way by using social media as her vehicle. Back in 2010 when even large companies were just testing the social media waters, Emily not only had the vanguard idea of starting a company to address the digital marketing needs of small business owners, but she hired a remote team of all women – mothers – who had temporarily sidelined their careers to raise children. While at first it seemed like a happy accident, Emily quickly learned that her team was achieving integration daily by working smarter, not harder, and developing innovative strategies to work while parenting.

For 9 years, Emily has led Hay There Social Media, a business she founded that delivers social media marketing services to clients like Goldfish Swim School, WDIV Local4 NBC Detroit, The Children’s Center and a Dolce Hotels & Resorts property to name a few. Through her dedication to simplicity and progress, she and her team help clients connect with online audiences in ways that resonate but always feel fresh and innovative.

In the early days of social media, Emily also innovated by launching social media street teams –that she dubbed “Tweet Teams” – before influencers were a “thing” and had today’s street cred. She also helped parents keep their kids safe on social media through her co-creation of “Saving Face”. The content from this online training course for parents of tweens and educators is used today as lesson plans around the country.

Flexibility was always a luxury she set out to claim for herself and she saw what an empowering system it created for her team of women. But it wasn’t until she became a mom herself that this luxury became a necessity.

Like most women, Emily was challenged by early motherhood. Mix that with a busy work life and NOTHING seemed easy. Slowly, by staying organized and proactive, she began to revel in the small daily victories all moms celebrate to get the fulfillment we all crave.

And that’s when she started living intentionally in “Work+Life Integration Nation”™, a place and a system that works FOR HER, and hasn’t looked back.

Like so many mamas, Emily hits the ground running everyday with a foot firmly planted in two worlds, walking the line between mom and boss lady seamlessly, but not effortlessly. From the morning mom hustle to get everyone out the door to the daily work on her business, she leans in to the rhythm, not so much a balance.

Emily walks the walk when it comes to work + life integration with her work ethic, drive and relentless pursuit for a better way. Settling for the status quo? Not in her house. Because after all, she believes when the little things are easy, you end up with a happier day. And a happier day repeated becomes a happier life.

Social media has given her and her team a modern, flexible home-based work environment that allows them to foster connections everyday. Following her passions led to her owning her purpose as she works to help women launch their own social media businesses so they too can live and work flexibly and intentionally in Work+Life Integration Nation.™

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